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The Enemy Wants To Wear You Out!

✈️Mind Flight Album Update, Artwork, Song List

All My Love ft. Nolo (Early Preview) New ❤️ Song From The Forthcoming "Mind Flight" Album! 🔥


Awesome Time with Mom (pics inside) 😊

Excited About Performing Live Again!

A Husband in My Future?

Positive Change Doesn't Always Happen Overnight

The Divine Hand at Work using Ye

Fighting For Your Happy Place

Rap Peace From Mind Flight ✈️ (Long Way)

The Race Black People Really Are Says Kanye West

Big Music & Life Update

2 Years ago today…

Investing In Your Creative Gifts

Country Air, Rockin' Chair, Communion, Prayer

Like You (There’s None) 🎵🙌🏽

Lackin' Sneak Preview🎵

Focusing on health and music 🎵

Celebrating 7 years in the AWAKENING & immersed in the Ruach

Creative Balance

Pope Bank Emergency

Many Gifts But Only One Spirit

😊It Is Well (Free Download ♬)

(Don't) Come As You Are

👑 Royal Mix 2 🎧

They Sold Their Souls (Thanks Part 2)

Health VLOG - My Fight Against High Cholesterol

End Times Hand Clapper, Spiritual Gifts Quick Assessment, 10 Months Post Surgery

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (Assessment inside…)

End Times - Hand Clap, Toe Tap, Knee Slap, Foot Stomp + a Written Word

Your Supernatural GIFTs From A Balanced Perspective

How was your week?

Thankful Thursday 5: You!

Faced with Scorpion's and Serpents

#11 Inspired Posts of The Week!

Why I Choose To Do Life Music VS. Music For The Flesh

Best Budget Recording Equipment?

Battles (New Worship Song) w/Lyrics!

#10 Inspired Posts of The Week!

Emily Sings: Weapon Called Praise 🎵

#9 Inspired Posts of The Week!

Introducing Ask Queen (AQAQ)

#8 Inspired Posts of The Week!

Cook anything tasty? (Veggie Quesadillas)

Creating A Better Tomorrow

6 Year Anniversary 🥳 & The Story Behind “Freeeeeeedom” (Music Video)

Battles Music Preview

#7 Inspired Posts of The Week!

Thankful Thursday 4: Homemade Breakfast

#6 Inspired Posts of The Week!

Thankful Thursday 3: My Momma

Music, Vibes, Free Flow 🎼😀

Celebrating a Beautiful Week Ahead 🙏🏽🎊

#5 Inspired Posts of The Week!

Thankful Thursday 2: His Faithfulness

#4 Inspired Posts of The Week!

The Day Has Come! 🏡 ✌️

New Levels Require Severe Testing (Poem)

[♬ Music Diary📒] Pretty Boy

#2 Inspired Posts of The Week + New Music!

The Key To Being Refreshed

#1 Inspired Posts of The Week!

The Making of Dreaming 🎧

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#2 Ten Red Flags 🚩

#1 Introduction: 6 Cycles

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#5 Manipulation in Religion (Using Scriptures)

#7 Flying Monkeys

#6 Manipulation in Religion (Service Guilt)

#4 Combat LIES With The Word Of TRUTH!

#9 The 3 Things Narcissists CANNOT Control

#8 The Myth of Unconditional Love

#3 Guard Your Gates (Your Heart)