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Love the article. I'm a chill, laid back person. I love to walk the trails & breathe in Yah's fresh air from his beautiful creation. I find peace just walking the dog with my hand speaker playing Yah's Music as I walk through the neighborhood. I'll jump in the car real quick and cruise with Yah's Music playing and enjoying the sceneries. I'll get out in my drive way with Yah's Music playing & jumping rope. I'll go from a gym scenery to chilling at home watching a movie. When I was younger, I had a problem with being a loner but when I got older I realized that Yah had his hand on my life and He was protecting me. That's how I got into Music because I wasn't going to ROLL with the nonsense. In the teenage years, I was chillin in my room listening to music and handing out free tapes to people in my neighborhood. I was the neighborhood "DJ." As a young person, I struggled with that but Now I don't have a problem with chillin by myself. That's why my favorite song is, "Till The Wheels Fall Off" It says "If I got to Roll with myself so be it, I ain't trying to be entertained by demons. I ain't trying to Roll, Roll, Roll with the heathens. I got to live righteous and get back to Eden . . ." Music basically saved my life, Music kept me from hanging on the street corners & running with the wrong crowd. I find my peace in Music & I'm so Blessed that Yah's directed me to your live channel. I'm going to Roll, Roll, Roll with Yah . . .

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