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Beautiful family Sis, you all resemble. You alrighty know I will be touching down in P.O. next month and I was last there in 2021 and saw the decline. It saddened my heart to see the condition of the neighborhood that I grew up in. Although my Mom and Aunt are still on the same block I was raised on, all of our people were long gone since the early 90's. Gentrification has done a number in our once "so-called" black communities. My Aunt is one of the only few black-owned businesses left in the original neighborhood of Alberta. Of course, they tried to buy her out several times but she remains anchored. She has owned the whole block on 25th and Alberta now for over 20 years "Praise Yah". My Aunt has that no quitter gene too and I admire her strength and yours too Queen O!

Every time I go back home I just try to pour a little love, light and positivity back into the streets. I am curious as to what keeps our people in Portland, Oregon, when so many opportunities have been taken from us. Where does their drive come from? their passion? their resilience? I asked this question because I lost hope for my family and we moved from there in 2019 to Texas. I am not sure if I will ever return to Portland, Oregon but we know with Yah we can never say, "Never". The Most High has appointed this season for you Queen O to add Light into those Portland streets! Our people need HOPE. This system has and is failing our people. As stated, "Our Only True Hope is YAH". We just gotta help the people to see The One and Only TRUE ELOHIM in the midst of all this deception.....but "Let all that we do be done in Love" 1 Corinthians 16:14

I will catch up with you soon Sis and would love to meet your family when I come through!

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Very down to earth and heartfelt post. As you were talking about your love for your family and the support they bring to your life, I thought about my own as I have also recently returned to my family in Philadelphia. It does bring a little sadness when you have history in a city and you see it declining, but because Yah is good, He can always help us to find the good in every situation. Portland is not alone in its struggles. I think its more obvious in some places than others, but by Yah's mercy and grace we persevere to be light in darkness as we look to Him to sustain us-the Author and Finisher of our Faith. Peace and Blessing Queen. Thank you for always being a righteous light.

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