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Hadassah Queen O thank you for sharing the video and much Respect to you for sounding the alarm of TRUTH!!! "The Truth is like a dog whistle; Only certain people can hear it." Queen keep sounding the "Whistle of Truth." It's through ignorance that the enemy can control the people. These are exciting times that we are living in because The Most High Yah is coming through with His "Sledge Hammer of Truth" & Yah is destroying all ignorance, lies and deceptions of the enemy. Hey Sis, ABBA Yah is using you as His "Sledge Hammer of Truth" on "Don't Mynd Mee!" Yah was tearing stuff up & hammering away on "All Roads Lead To Rome" Keep swinging away & tearing stuff for the Kingdom of Yah!

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"It's through ignorance that the enemy can control the people" - 100 percent facts! Such a true statement!

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