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🚨Mind Flight (Snippets♬)

Exclusive Subscribers Push Play!

Shalom beautiful people! ⭐️

As my last giveaway update shared - we’re waiting for the final mastered songs to come back.

However, I did promise exclusive subscribers an early preview of the album first!

Other details about the album you may find interesting: There are 14 tracks and the total length is 44 minutes. Some new talented male artists (Nolo and Keybeaux) are featured, along with voiceovers from my mom and brother, Tony LaMont. Many of you weighed in to help pick the album background cover art (👍🏽😀). It’s also remarkable how the Most High totally changed the direction of this project, inspiring songs of love and making it better than what I imagined! You can plan your ways but leave room for Yah to direct your steps.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming!
🎧 Push PLAY and take a listen!

If you’d like to continue supporting my work and the music, feel free to donate here. Thank you in advance! 🙏🏽🥰

Head Up! Shoulders Back!

This is Queen
This is Queen